Home Automation Deal

Happy Independence Day! This week the builder and I completed the electrical walk-through downstairs which consisted of determining the quantity and location of switches and lights. It’s fairly mind-numbing work so we left the upstairs for next week.
Even without all of the details finalized , we went ahead and pulled the trigger on ordering light switches and dimmers to take advantage of Smarthome’s 4th of July sale that ends today. What’s so special about these switches and dimmers? Well we’re putting a lot into home automation in this house and that requires “smart” and consequently expensive switches and dimmers so that we can intelligently control lighting so it made sense to jump on an opportunity to save hundreds of dollars. Read on to see what we got.

I changed directions from Z-Wave to Insteon mainly because of better ceiling fan support. Everything we got is Insteon.

INSTEON Keypad Dimmer Switch (Dual-Band), 6-Button, White
These are both a keypad and a dimmer intended to be directly connected to a load (lights), a combination unique to Insteon. Using these we can control up to five lights in only one dimmer’s worth of wall space.

SwitchLinc Relay – INSTEON Remote Control On/Off Switch (Non-Dimming), White

SwitchLinc Dimmer – INSTEON Remote Control Dimmer (Dual-Band), White

FanLinc – INSTEON Ceiling Fan and Light Controller, Fixture Module (Dual-Band)
These are what ultimately swayed me from Z-wave to Insteon. They install in the ceiling fan’s canopy and control the speed of the fan and an optional light. They’re intended to be paired with the 6 button keypads using the 4 smaller buttons for low, medium, high and off.

In-LineLinc Relay – INSTEON Remote Control In-Line On/Off Switch (Non-Dimming)
There are a few places we need these. They’re essentially an on/off switch that installs out of sight in the wall or ceiling. We’re using one of these in the master bath to switch the fan and a light from a single keypad.

INSTEON Mini Remote – Switch

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