Raising Modern is about the experience of building a modern home. My wife and I share a love for modern design and it’s been a long-time dream of ours to build a modern home in which we can enjoy raising our family in for many years.

As first time home builders in an area without much modern architecture we are braving many unknowns and hope that through chronicling the journey we can assist and inspire you. We’ll share information about our experiences with architects, builders, and suppliers. We’ll also review many of the products we select for our new home.

We live in beautiful Northwest Arkansas, a once rural area that is growing into a significant metro area so we also want to raise awareness of modern design where we live by highlighting modern homes and buildings here.

Lastly, all of this is in the context of raising a family. We have two small children and while there are many more important aspects of parenting than developing your children’s personal style, we are excited for them to have the opportunity to grow up around great design. We feel it will help develop their creativity and give them an appreciation architecture and design.