All Bids are In

The third and final bid arrived today. The one who took the most time is also the most thorough. Things are nicely detailed, nicely formatted and not so nicely high. Even higher… nay way higher than the first one we got that caused us so much grief that I described in my last post. Despite this, we’re feeling better about the whole situation.

We’ve solidified our budget and know where we need to be cost-wise. Expecting some more numbers and options back from builder number two. Having some clarity on things is helping. Our builder selection process is beginning to come down to the question of who can build the best house within our budget.

Speaking of builder two, he showed us a house in Springdale that’s in the trim phase. We were pleased with what we saw. Everything seemed to be of good quality and it was a neat and tidy workplace. While not Modern (more Craftsman) there was at least one detail in the trim work that required a different method than what a trim carpenter typically does. This type of outside the box problem solving is a quality we’re looking for in our builder. Often times it can be difficult to get the trades to do something unusual. Many will find our house very unusual.

We have another showing set up for Friday. This time it’s a finished modern house in Fayetteville. We’re pretty excited about that one. We should also receive some updated numbers and options for reducing cost.

We should have a builder selected by early next week which is a major milestone for the project.

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