BLOBB: Big List of Build Blogs

Welcome to the big list of build blogs, or BLOBB. This is the first of a few “big lists” I’m going keep updated. I like keeping up with what others are doing so I follow some blogs of people building modern homes. I feel like it helps us prepare for what may be ahead and is also a good source of inspiration.

Austin Cubed

A pretty cool house being built by what seems to be a pretty cool couple in Austin Texas. There’s lots of detailed posts and some good information. If my writing bores you, this guy is much more fun to read. Razorback fans will have to excuse the frequent wearing of Longhorns t-shirts.

A House by the Park

This is a completed build in Seattle. I’m just part way into reading the posts, but I did see some geeky bits that piqued my interest.

Eagle Pond House

An interesting build in New Hampshire by a do-it-yourself couple. DIY is something we’re done with, but I like the extra insight about how things go together.

Phinney Modern

This one’s been done for a couple of years. I ran across it while it was still being built, forgot about it, and recently rediscovered it. It has an interesting cantilever feature that’s not just for looks.


Updated Sept. 11, 2013

Not a homeowner’s blog, but BUILD LLC is a design/build firm in Washington state. Sometimes architect-y some times construction-y there’s always good information about modern home building and design.

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