BLOPF - Big list of plumbing fixtures

Here in the second “big list” post it’s all about plumbing fixtures. This is a list of all of the sinks, faucets, tubs, spouts, drains, fountains, hydrants, etc. we’ve picked out for the house.

Master shower

[Delta Monitor T14253]( [![icon](]( ![icon](
On the advice of our plumber, anything inside the wall will be Delta for two reasons: first, it’s quality stuff, second it’s common. Being common means parts availability. There are plenty of other options out there that are of great quality, but if your shower starts leaking you don’t want to have to wait a week or two for a part to come in from who knows where. Good thing for us Delta makes some more modern options.
And the linear drain Luxe TI-60. Linear drains allow you to use a tile shower floor with large format tiles. The whole floor simply slopes towards the drain rather than having to use many smaller tiles to get the water to flow towards a single point. This particular drain has a tile insert so it can blend into the floor so the drain can be only what it needs to be, very modern.
![Luxe TI-60](
**Master tub**
Ove Decors Terra ![Ove Decors Terra](
We had originally chosen the ADM SW-122S because it’s the perfect bathtub (no lie). It has all straight lines, very cubist, which is what we’re going for, and unlike other tubs that just sort of have a drain in the bottom, this one has a nice undulating form that cradles your body in comfort as you bathe. At least I think that’s what it’s like. I’ve never seen one in person.
![ADM SW-122]( ![ADM SW-122](
There’s only one problem: it’s nearly $2,500. That’s why we’re going with the Terra. If I hadn’t shown you the ADM tub, you’d probably think the *it* was the perfect tub, and that’s an important thing to keep in mind if you’re picking things out for your house. You may have your heart set on something, but you can’t justify the price. Go ahead and find an alternative you like and go with it. Nobody else will know the difference when it’s all said and done, maybe not even you.
**Master tub filler and hand shower** [Toto TB624S1-CP]( [![icon](]( ![icon]( We had a hard time finding something we like for a reasonable price. A floor mounted tub filler sounded nice, but those are extremely expensive (why so much for a little extra pipe?) so we looked for wall-mounted options but we have the tub spaced too far from the wall to make that work. Fortunately the Ove tub we chose can take a deck mounted faucet and we think this Toto will look good on it.

One alternative:
Hansgrohe Metris S

Kid’s bathroom shower head, faucet, tub spout
Same as the master, but with the tub spout.
Delta Monitor 17 T17453


Bathroom sink faucets
We’re buying vanities by Fresca for the master and kid’s bathrooms and they come as a complete kit so we have to choose a faucet from Fresca. The Tusciano suits us well.
Fresca Tusciano Vanity Faucet

The Fresca vanities are an impressive deal. We ran across them online first but were skeptical that the quality might not be so good given the low price. To our surprise Lacuna, a modern/contemporary furniture store in Fayetteville AR has one on display, it’s even the same model we were considering. After inspecting it in person and talking to the sales person, we were sold. They come with everything, the cabinet, sink, faucets, drains, p-traps, and hardware.

Guest bath sink
ADM DW-162
ADM just makes some really slick stuff. This sink is on the high end in terms of price, but it’s oozing with modern style. It’s all one unit so no need for a vanity which saves a little.
ADM DW-162

Powder room sink

[IMG Ceramic Single Hole Vessel Bathroom Sink](![]( [![](](![](
**Toilets** The Whitehaus [WHMFL3351-EB]( isn’t the most modern looking toilet out there, but it is dual-flush, one piece and isn’t too expensive. It even has a soft-closing lid which purportedly keeps careless or angry late-night potty-goers from waking other family members. ![Toilet](

Kitchen faucet
We like industrial-style faucets in the kitchen. Something big enough to grab and pull around filling pots, cleaning dishes with simple controls. This is similar to what we put in our last house but scaled up.

**Kitchen sink**
We liked the Vigo faucet so much, we’re going with one of their sinks. [![icon](]( ![icon](
As with other [big list posts](, I’ll keep this updated if anything changes. We have a whole spec sheet of things from lighting fixtures to flooring so look for many more big lists to come.
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