Construction Update January 23rd

We have one month to go before we move in (hopefully) and things are really moving. We’re at a nice point in construction where many things can happen in parallel. Today I stopped by and snapped some pictures as the trim carpenters and tile layer were hard at work.


The flush baseboards are finally going in and I must say they look great. This is an important detail to us and it took some work and careful planning to pull it off. I’m willing to bet nobody involved in the construction has ever done a baseboard like this before. The funny thing is that they will disappear almost entirely once they’re painted and most people may not even notice them. Such is the irony of modern design sometimes – so much effort to make something disappear.

[![Flush baseboards outside corner.](,w_300/v1456366599/IMG_20150123_124746_qvenam.jpg)](
Flush baseboards.


The Cabinets are set and looking good. The countertop company has templated for the black soapstone going in the kitchen. Unfortunately there was one unexpected casualty in a slight change that was made to the kitchen island.

[![Kitchen island](,h_3120,w_3120,x_0,y_520/h_150,w_150/v1456366738/IMG_20150123_124942_e5enjh.jpg)](
Kitchen island

Pieces were added to the island to enclose the steel column with the idea that it would prevent unpleasant knee-bumping on the hard steel column. I suppose what we didn’t consider is that it also consumed all of the knee space for the bar. Here’s one of the original renderings.

[![Extra knee space.](,h_1207,w_1207,x_507,y_0/h_150,w_150/v1456366738/Perspective-2_sf7ki0.jpg)](
Extra knee space.

In the end, we’re going to have a 7 inch overhang all the way around the end of the island on this side. I don’t know if that’s enough to still call it a bar.

[![Kitchen island](,w_300/v1456366595/IMG_20150123_124956_nzilei.jpg)](
Kitchen island
### Stairs The stairs are starting to take shape. All of the treads are in, and the landings are done. We chose maple for the stairs and we’re happy with the look. The posts are in and cables will be strung between them. [![Stairs](,w_225/v1456366598/IMG_20150123_124824_hle0a0.jpg)]( [![Stairs](,w_300/v1456366596/IMG_20150123_124925_kkuooe.jpg)]( We like the stairs although they look nothing like our original idea. When you’re [on a budget]( "What does it cost? Glass handrail"), you can’t always get that [Dwell magazine]( "Dwell, at home in the expensive modern world.") look.
[Modern Staircase]( by [Redwood City General Contractors]( [Lencioni Construction](
### Tile All of the tile is complete in the kid’s bath. Grouting will be done tomorrow. The tile work is just amazing. Everything is lined up perfectly and each tile sits flush with its neighboring tiles. Top notch work. My wife got to chat with the tile layer and he credits his good work with some new installation system he’s using. I’ll have to find more details on that. She also got to make a homeowner decision about the direction of the tile in the master bath. I know she appreciated playing a more direct role in the construction even if it was just for a few minutes. I’ve been the one to go to all of the meetings with the builder because as a busy mom of two three she’s just not able to be there. What makes this work is having nearly identical sensibilities so much so that it’s spooky at times as well as good communication.
[![Kid's shower tile.](,w_225/v1456366592/IMG_20150123_162606_hmdjw7.jpg)](
Kid’s shower tile.
[![Kid's bath floor tile.](,w_225/v1456366593/IMG_20150123_162601_w4fqrs.jpg)](
Kid’s bath floor tile.
### Siding Around the outside of the house, the siding looks complete, just the eaves are left to complete. The only eaves we have are around the two towers so that should take little time but lots of courage to be up that high. We had forgotten that the steel siding wrapped around the 2nd floor kid’s rooms. An earlier rendering we had showed this area all in fiber-cement. We’re happier with the steel. It would’ve been a little bleak with the dark gray FC siding over such a large area. The white steel breaks it up nicely.
[![Happy with the siding.](,w_300/v1456366736/IMG_20150123_124556_frlqez.jpg)](
Happy with the siding.
[![Siding on the back side. The long row of windows is the hallway.](,w_300/v1456366603/IMG_20150123_124619_htzzax.jpg)](
Siding on the back side. The long row of windows is the hallway.
### A little concrete Footings for the deck and pads for the A/C units were poured. Aside from that nothing else is going on outside.
[![Deck footings](,w_225/v1456366601/IMG_20150123_124705_qarpeo.jpg)](
Deck footings

Deck footings
Deck footings
Pads for air conditioners.
Pads for air conditioners.
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