Construction Update October 25th

Construction Update October 25th

It’s the end of another week and there’s a little progress to report. Hopefully it’s enough to get us moved in before our lease is up in January, but probably not before Christmas.

Cleanup, door frames, etc

The builder had his carpenter out to take care of some odds and ends to get ready for the next phase of construction. He furred out the interior door frames to the right sizes, built the pony wall upstairs, and did a lot of cleanup. It really makes a difference to see all of the debris removed. The electricians took care of the items on their punch list like installing the ceiling fan boxes in the bedrooms and adding an outside outlet on the roof (handy for Christmas lights).

[![Pony wall. Kitchen below.](,w_300/v1456372327/IMAG5384_jmmor7.jpg)](
Pony wall. Kitchen below.
[![Pony wall.](,w_300/v1456372328/IMAG5383_hnjlcl.jpg)](
Pony wall.
[![The pony wall, door in the background.](,w_300/v1456372329/IMAG5371_keaf64.jpg)](
The pony wall, door in the background.
[![The pony wall is really tight against the door that leads onto the deck.](,w_225/v1456372329/IMAG5373_yh4uyn.jpg)](
The pony wall is really tight against the door that leads onto the deck.
[![The attic door was framed. We have a small attic space above the master bathroom.](,w_225/v1456372328/IMAG5375_sai6k4.jpg)](
The attic door was framed. We have a small attic space above the master bathroom.
The furnaces were set, not because it’s a good idea, but because the inspector thought they should be in now. Inspectors are weird like that. It doesn’t make any sense because it’s just going to make it hard for the drywallers to finish around.
[![The upstairs furnace.](,w_225/v1456372331/wpid-imag5322_akyjdl.jpg)](
The upstairs furnace.

The infamous bathtub

In my last update, I wrote about the contention between the builder and the plumber about the bathtub in the master bath. Over the course of the week we got no closer to a resolution with the plumber, so the decision was made on Wednesday to move on and use a different plumber. It’s a very unfortunate situation all around and one that we deeply regret. We requested this plumber at the beginning of the project and the builder had never worked with them before. If we had it to do over again, we would have let the builder use his usual plumber, not that our plumber was bad, but things likely would have gone smoother in the end if the two had worked together before. Having a good working relationship between the builder and the sub-contractors goes a long way. Two of our major delays – the roof and the plumbing can be traced to using “new” subs.


Nothing gives the illusion of progress like buying stuff. We ordered the guest bathroom sink from ADM.
ADM DW-146 Sink
There it is in all of its minimal white rectangular goodness. We picked it not just for its good looks, but it’s also functional for the space because of the small counter on the side. A sink that pulls double duty helps justify the rather high price (nearly $600). Also helping justify the price is ADM’s customer service. I reached out to them over e-mail to ask if they make the sink with the counter on the other side and they responded promptly that they do. Then, minutes after ordering it online, I got a phone call from them to confirm all of the details. They checked with the faucet manufacturer to ensure they get the faucet hole sized correctly and shipped it out two days later. So far, I’m satisfied with their phenomenal customer service and I haven’t even laid eyes on the thing.

I leave you with Mr. Fuzzy who showed up the other day in the garage.
Mr. Fuzzy

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