Customer service is not dead

Update Nov 17, 2014: We received the replacement sink from ADM, this time in a sturdy crate and I’m happy to report that there’s no damage!

In my most recent construction update I raved about ADM’s customer service when I ordered one of our sinks. The experience didn’t end there and it all started with some bad news.

There was a lot of excitement the day the sink arrived. We’ve been anticipating laying our eyes on this sink in person for the first time. I admit, it sounds silly to get so excited about a piece of plumbing, especially what will likely be the least-used sink in the house (it goes in the guest room) but just look at it:
ADM DW-146 Sink
It’s a thing of beauty! When we discovered ADM, we had hoped to use their sinks in all the bathrooms and one of their tubs in the master bathroom, but they’re rather pricey. We only justified this sink for the guest bath because it combines the vessel with some counter space meaning we don’t need to buy kind of countertop or vanity to go with it. We picked this thing out probably a year ago now so suffice it to say our anticipation had built up to high levels.

The box
The freight company unloaded the box from the truck. I cut the metal straps holding the box to the pallet and opened it up. There it was, under a layer of styrofoam and inside a cloth bag, our sink. We peeked inside, not wanting to totally unbox it but to get a glimpse of its modern beauty and ensure that the counter space was on the correct side. It wasn’t until a couple of days later when I pulled it out to check the fit of the faucet hole and take some pictures did I notice the crack. The horror! There was a significant crack along the back edge and the top of the sink with a small chip in the top. The crack went all the way through. It would spread when lifting one end of the sink. I don’t blame the packaging. There was a small hit on one corner nowhere near the crack. It was likely due to someone stepping on top of the box as evidenced by the giant boot print in the vicinity of the crack. I contacted ADM via e-mail hoping that the service they exhibited before the sale would be just as good after the sale. I’m happy to report that it is. A few e-mails back and forth with some pictures and I received a courtesy phone call to tell me that a replacement sink is on its way. It’s so refreshing to have such a positive experience even things go wrong. Service after the sale, especially in the world of online e-commerce, is not dead, at least when it comes to [ADM]( "ADM"). I went ahead and took the pictures. Enjoy.
[![ADM DW-146 Sink](,w_300/v1456371985/PB010345-1_xc1hez.jpg)](
ADM DW-146 Sink. It’s made out of a stone-resin material – it’s like a solid-surface countertop with a matte finish. Glossy is available too.
[![The sink has a cover over the drain giving the basin a nice clean look.](,w_300/v1456371984/PB010347-3_trmlcs.jpg)](
The sink has a cover over the drain giving the basin a nice clean look.

The drain cover removed.
The drain cover removed.
It takes a standard drain.
It takes a standard drain.
Edge detail.  Clean, thin lines with hard edges.
Edge detail. Clean, thin lines with hard edges.
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