Frontiers in Modern Design

On the advice of a very influential individual, we’ve decided to incorporate some features into the house that many in the design world may find controversial. We’re willing to take some risks on this project.  It’s an architectural moon-shot. You question why we’re going this direction, but at the very least, you will be intrigued.

I call it Crayolist - a new vein of modern architecture.
I call it Crayolist – a new vein of modern architecture.
Our son was coloring one day and my wife asked him to draw his new house. The drawings and conversation that sprang out of that gave us a special insight into how awesome it is to be a three year old boy. Here’s how he described his drawing:

- Stairs to my room, roof attached to my room - Mommy and daddy’s toys - Daddy’s room next to mine upstairs - Mommy’s room downstairs - A duck in my room that I can ride on with wheels - A big dinosaur - My bed, with a big blanket to cover all of the things in my bed (robot blanket) like Timmys in the book - My sister’s bed is on top, we share a room with a big cover with dinosaurs - A big window - A closet that will look like a garage - A violin in my room - A table next to the swimming pool where we can rest outside when it’s not cold or windy - A play kitchen in my room with food and vegetables and cooking stuff fruit oranges grapefruit bananas - TV in my room, outside, and in living room - A play house inside my room that I can go in: a “hide house” sometimes. - My room will be the cat in the hat color - A little potty in my bathroom that I can go on on my own - A teeny tiny potty for my sister - All of my toys in the closet or on shelves in my room - Just a shower (no bath tub) with toys in it, isn’t that a good idea? My shower with 2 water things. - A roof deck to play and rest - A sand box with my toys in it To him, a modern house means: “we get to play” and: “it looks like a robot”
Robot house? I’m down with that! If it were purely up to me and him, then yeah, let’s build a robot house.  Still not sure about daddy’s room upstairs and mommy’s room downstairs though. We have a blast with that little guy and it’s fun to see him get excited with you about our interests. If I know anything about children, I know that they listen. Not like when you’re telling them to clean their room, or “hey, don’t put that in the toilet”, but they pick up on stuff you think they wouldn’t care about or remember. He’s heard us talking about our dream home for months. It’s been a daily topic in our house and he listens and wants to be a part of it. I’m so glad my wife took the time to delve into his world because it’s a pretty awesome place with dinosaurs, ducks, robots and all kinds of cool stuff. [![SWITCH Modern](](
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