Future Neighbors Called

Got an interesting phone call today. Mr. Future Neighbor was on the phone. Our architect had mentioned that a group of about six people were looking at developing the five acres that border us to the south. It was a good conversation, at least now we know more about what will be going in next door. Until now it had been wild speculation: a tiny subdivision, apartments, chicken farm, water park? We were hoping that nobody would do anything with it and we’d try to buy it in a few years, or at the very least someone would buy it and take care of it. Looks like we got the second option.

The land is going to be split up into five or six, what he calls, “estate” lots. “Estate”, that sounds nice. I guess we have an “estate” lot. It’s something this guy and his buddies are going in on together for their own residences, not to develop and sell for a profit thank goodness. From the sound of things these are going to be nice houses, probably bigger than ours.

As the plans stand now, three back yards will back up to property so we should have a nice view of some estate tail ends which I think is good. The view now is of one collapsed barn, another on its way down and an abandoned house. Things we overlooked when we bought the land because we’re in it for the long haul.

The immediate effects of this news is that we have some decisions to make regarding water lines and electrical lines. Apparently wells just won’t do for these guys so they’re working with the city to extend the water main. The main would follow the street along our property to reach theirs. So now we have the option of city water at a reduced cost through cost sharing with them. Time to research wells some more to see if we want to continue with our plans for a well or go with city water.

New Neighbor also doesn’t like visible power lines. They must be buried. Something that had never occurred to us. The power lines run the same route as the water main so we can choose to be a part of this too, we just have to chip in. I expect to hear back soon with their proposal and what our share of the costs would be. He wants to get started within the next couple of months.

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