Insulation prep

Took the family out to the house Tuesday evening to compare some white paint chips to the white window frames. Earlier in the day when I had my weekly meeting with the builder, the insulation guys were there prepping the house by caulking up seams and filling any gaps with foam. What I didn’t know they were going to do is cover up all of the windows with plastic making it pretty much impossible to perform the task we went out there to do. No big deal; I’d rather see the results of some work being done instead.

Insulation prep

We still haven’t passed inspection for the plumbing and electrical yet. That needs to be done before the insulation, but the prep work can be done now. I can see that the builder is going to deliver on his promise to tightly seal up the house. Scores of empty tubes of caulk and cans of foam littered the house as the crew sealed everything up. Even the seams between doubled-up studs were caulked.

[![The master bedroom prepped for spray foam.](,w_300/v1456372333/Insulation-Prep-2_ttrxkl.jpg)](
The master bedroom prepped for spray foam.
[![Entry, door](,w_225/v1456372335/Entry-3_ak9oh6.jpg)](
The front entry prepped for spray foam.

Inspection & tub

Why haven’t we passed inspection? Because of one really controversial tub. We have a free standing tub in the master bath and there’s a conflict between the builder and the plumber on how we should install it. The plumber wants to install the tub, water test the drain, and then remove it so there’s room for the sheetrock and tile installers to work. The rationale being that drains on free standing tubs can be difficult to locate just right and install without leaks. The problem is we don’t have the tub, the tub wasn’t ordered until Tuesday this week. The builder has been waiting to order the tub until it’s needed so he doesn’t have to secure an expensive tub on site. He’s of the opinion that the plumber should be able to set the drain from the spec sheet for the tub and we can tweak the location of the tub an inch here or there to get it all to line up leak free. The plumber wants to avoid costly re-work down the road; the builder wants to push the project forward. I appreciate both sentiments, but we really do need to come to an agreement so we can push forward as time is becoming more critical for us. The tub is on order now, and is due to arrive mid-next week. In the mean time, the builder is trying to work out an agreement with the plumber.

The builder did have the city come out to do a preliminary inspection knowing that the plumbing wasn’t done and I’m pleased to say that it went well. There were zero issues with the electrical and there were only two minor safety findings: 1) a temporary railing up the stairs is needed, and 2) the upstairs doors that lead onto the deck that’s not built yet (doors of death) need to be secured. Both findings easily remedied. They’re also much appreciated because when we bring the children out to see the house, we can breathe a little easier knowing that the house is a little safer.


Keeping with our modern minimalist ideals, the inside of the house is going to be white…but which white. I came out of Lowes with an inch-thick stack of white paint chips plus some grays for the exterior and greens for the front door. The next day we went back again and left with even more. The purpose of our Tuesday evening visit to the house was to compare the white of choice with the white window frames. Alas the insulators had covered every window in plastic. In only one spot was an opening of the plastic barely big enough to get a squity-eyed comparison in the fading light.

[![The tiniest little bit of window frame we could find for comparison.](,w_225/v1456372332/Paint-Chip-1_qvtrfi.jpg)](
The tiniest little bit of window frame we could find for comparison.
[![What will likely be the color of the front door next to the concrete wall. Concrete is the new black - it goes with everything.](,w_300/v1456372334/Front-door-color-4_kpwuz1.jpg)](
What will likely be the color of the front door next to the concrete wall. Concrete is the new black – it goes with everything.
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