Out for Bids

The day finally came. We have documents out for bids to three builders. The CAD department has been running behind and that’s put us behind as well. We had hoped to be breaking ground close to now, but we’re trying not to stress too much about it. Reaching a milestone like this helps you forget about the delay. Not having the CAD drawings is not ideal at this stage, but we’ll take it.

Also, on the upside, while waiting on the CAD operators, the architect has made a few tweaks and refinements to the design. Scroll down to see the new drawings. We now have an angled wall in the living room which really adds some interest to the space and mirrors a new tapered concrete element outside. It’s not all for just for looks though, we needed some mechanical space on the first floor for an hair handler and angling the wall makes room for a mechanical closet in the guest room. Another nice effect is that this moves the hallway to the south end of the house for much better flow.

The added angle can be traced back to the kitchen island. We pitched the idea of skewing the island while discussing how to make space for a full-depth refrigerator. We thought our cabinets were 36″ deep to accommodate a standard fridge without the usual sticking-out, but it turns out we actually have regular ‘ol 24″ deep cabinets. This apparently set our architect’s head spinning and our simple change affected most of the first floor. We’re happy with the result.

An update on the site work. As I mentioned last time, there’s some site work going on next door. I contacted the rather folksy sounding guy by the equally folksy sounding name Earl about doing some work for us. I expect a call from him next week.

I’m not sure how long the bid process will take. You don’t realize how many details there are to a house until you go through the building process, there’s a ton. We have a continuing list of things to spec out, but our builders seem like easy people to work with we expect things, at least at this point, to go smoothly.

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