Ready, set, roof

The stand-still finally ends tomorrow. Our general contractor had to let the roofing sub go and a new one is starting tomorrow. The project has been stalled for the last three weeks or so, see my last update for details. After a miscommunication that cost us a week waiting for materials, and multiple no-shows dragging on for another two weeks we had to move on and find a new roofing sub.

So, where do we stand after this debacle? I’ve mentioned the schedule impact, those are bad enough, but this one is negatively affecting the budget too. With the original sub we were coming a little over $1,000 under budget (a figure we now know was probably bogus). Switching to a new sub and paying just for labor is taking us about $2,000 over budget even with the sympathy discount. We’re going to try to find ways to make up that cost in other areas.

The bright side is that a roof and dry-in is imminent. Once it’s done the other trades can come in and start working so expect to see more frequent updates as things pick back up.

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