Yes, we are still here! We are all moved into our beautiful new modern home; we’re getting settled, adjusting to our new surroundings and learning so much. All of the planning, research and hard work seemed to have paid off. We are loving the tiny and big details of the house. We think, for the most part it all came together so nicely. I still have moments of disbelief and amazement that we are actually here in this house we so painstakingly designed and built.

That being said, it has definitely been a transition living here. In Northwest Arkansas the homes are mostly all of the same type of architecture. So when people see our house they take note. It is, well, different. We are not at all surprised to see cars slow down as people strain their neck to see while driving by. We are, however, very surprised to learn that people’s interest doesn’t always stop there. On most days we have what we like to call visitors. Cars don’t just observe our home from the road, they pull into the the (long) driveway and all the way up to the house. There are even occasions where people go even further and get out of their car to look around. I was startled one day to see faces pressed in the windows looking at me while I had an extremely rare moment with all three littles sleeping. You can imagine the shock I experienced; falling asleep on the couch to silence waking up to footsteps and voices. The noses pressed up against the glass were just another reminder of how different living in a glass house will be.

Over the weekend we had a couple show up at our door. We had met the husband once when he visited our house because of his interest in modern architecture. He liked our house so much he brought his wife by hoping for a tour. We have three very young children. The reality of our life is often a messy house. Nothing says stress and embarrassment like strangers seeing your flaws exposed.

My point in telling you all of this is first we LOVE our new home. It has already taught us so many things. We are learning to be accepting of people’s desires/excitement to see our home. We are learning to be cautiously welcoming, protecting our children and still trying to maintain the peaceful quiet lifestyle we are accustomed to. We are hoping to teach our children to be gracious generous and excited to open our home and share our lives with new and old friends. We are also learning to accept the fact that people may often see our house when it is not at its best. Life often is messy and so are we. We are not perfect people and cannot expect it from our house either… At least that is what we are trying to learn.

Hopefully we can get back into the swing of blogging. I know some of you are ready to see pictures and updates on how it all came together.