The peaceful outdoors

What is it about being outdoors that just brings peace? Today in Northwest Arkansas the weather is unseasonably beautiful. It is in the mid sixties sunny and perfectly calm. Immediately after rest time we headed outside to play. Initially the children were loud and crazy, and that is totally expected not to mention completely allowed. We jumped on the trampoline, ran races, played baseball and soccer… Then it happened.

More than an hour of quiet peace. My 2 year old daughter played in the sand quietly. Digging, sifting, filling and emptying buckets silently pleasantly enjoying the sand sun and fresh air. Even my 5 year old son was (fairly) quiet immersed in dirt toys and daydreaming. I sat on a blanket in the grass enjoying the sun indulging in the relaxation fully expecting the baby to wake up at any minute. It was magical!  I don’t understand it, but I know to take advantage of it. This is why we had such a high priority on outdoor space at our new house.

[![The concrete wall forms a courtyard. The deck will sit atop a portion of the wall.](,w_300/v1456368457/PB130717_x649d5.jpg)](
The concrete wall forms a courtyard. The deck will sit atop a portion of the wall.

Designing the house we included an enclosed courtyard partially covered. This space will allow us to be outside even during rainy weather.  Great big sliding Panda Doors open the main living area welcoming the outside in. We have a second story deck (facing east and west) where we can enjoy the sunset in the evening, or the sunrise if we happen to be up that early. There are so many opportunities at the new house for that sweet peace that comes from being outdoors. We hope to take advantage of them often!

Early fall sunset.
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