Thorncrown Chapel Threatened

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright protege E. Fay Jones, Thorncrown Chapel is probably the most architecturally significant building in Arkansas.  Situated in the forest of scenic Eureka Springs the chapel has hosted countless weddings over the years and has wowed visitors with its soaring structure that  dramatically reaches up through the trees while still fitting into the landscape.  Those trees are now threatened by plans from Southwest Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) for new transmission lines that would cut to within 25 yards of the chapel.  You can help prevent this by signing a petition started by Doug Reed, whose family built the chapel, to urge SWEPCO to relocate the planned lines.

If you’ve ever visited the chapel, you understand that to change the surrounding landscape is to change the chapel itself.  The native pine structure reflects the wooded surroundings and over 6,000 square feet of glass blend indoors and outdoors.  Construction of this kind will ruin the chapel.  If you want to protect Thorncrown, please sign the petition.

Thorncrown Chapel Eureka Springs AR interior
By: Sheila Scarborough
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