We’ve doubled our staff here at Raising Modern – we’ve added another blogger. My wife has decided to try her hand at blogging. This is the her first of many posts about life, parenting and family. They’ll likely be short and sweet like this one because as a busy mom that’s all she has time for. If you identify with that, I hope you find her thoughts here encouraging, inspiring, or at least a way to celebrate and sometimes commiserate with another human parent as we go through life together.

Just as this house we are building has its perfections and imperfections, so does our life. We will be living in a house full of windows where people can see in, catch small glimpses of our life: the good the bad, the dirty the clean, the joys and the sorrows. We would like to share some of these moments with you. This is just an introduction to our growing family. We have a marriage built on similarities. Designing this house has been simple, simply because we agree on most everything. Our tastes are the same our wants are the same, our love of clean modern lines is the same. We even agree that we have three amazing children (biased… Maybe). Having a strong marriage and raising children in this world is not easy, but we are committed to do our best, try our hardest and admit when we fail working together to grow stronger and do better. You will see simple moments of our life here, nothing hidden. Transparent, just as the clear glass windows of our home.

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